Summer Inspirations: Week 2

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I still have 10 work days left and today we actually had school cancelled because it is going to approach 100. New England is crazy! For those of you already on vacation, here are some inspirational people, accounts, and books to follow!


Tech Educator Podcast

Cult of Pedagogy

Learn Like a Pirate

Summer Inspirations: Week 1

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Hey all!  I promised and my challenge to myself is to keep this up all summer long!  These books, accounts, and blogs can inspire you to kick it up a notch in your classroom next year... by the way, did I mention I'm not done till June 29th?!?! 9 snow days don't seem so fun now!!! 

If you have any suggestions for this Summer Inspiration list, enter it in the Form at the bottom of the post (You do not need to fill out the whole thing... just the stuff you want to suggest!)

Ron Clark Academy

@mrmatera #XPlap

Google Teacher Tribe Podcast

Hope and Wade King

Teach Like a Pirate

GreenScreen, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Summer Challenge.... Oh My!!!

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Books, Social Media, and Blogs to Keep You Inspired to Go Back to School #backtoschool #firstweekschool #professionaldevelopment #edbooks

Hey all! As usual, I'm apologizing for not blogging enough.  I always have the best intentions and then life takes over!  Life is pretty great in Engaging Them All Land.  Standardized testing is over so I'm finally back to helping teachers engage students and create life long learners.  I have been conducting a ton of virtual field trips, specifically the ones with Wild Earth TV and Safari Live. If you haven't heard of this, you must! Click here to see my original blog post of the experience!

I have also been doing a ton of green screen projects with teachers and students and they are loving it.  Teachers are starting to paint their walls green so they can easily integrate this into their students's learning next year! 

We have been fracturing fairy tales, making end of the year reading videos, traveling around the world, and hanging with penguins!

We also had a couple of fabulous visits from Google Expeditions and got to beta test the new Google Expeditions Augmented Reality content.  It was amazing!!!!

We saw volcanos explode, dinosaurs up close, and tornadoes twist!!!!!

I also got to use the Google Expeditions Virtual Reality software to teach some amazing sixth graders about World War II and the Holocaust.  I have worked with two amazing teachers over the years to create a technology rich end historical fiction station activity on World War II and the Holocaust.  One of the stations is using VR and Google Expeditions to travel to Pearl Harbor, Normandy, Iwo Jima, and the Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C.
Image result for google expeditions holocaust museum

Click on the picture below if you would like all the resources for this station activity... for FREE!

Also, I had a really cool surprise... ish.  In May, I was named a 2018 PBS Digital Innovator All Star!

I am honored and way excited because I get to get back to work with PBS and my amazing local affiliate WGBH. Seriously..... have I told you how amazing WGBH is?

This month, the 30 PBS All Stars get to go to CHICAGO for the PBS Digital Innovator Summit and then I get to spend a day at.....

Can you tell I'm super excited?!?!?

So.... I actually came here to announce a challenge I am giving myself for the summer. I have been working with teachers all over my district and have been showing them how to use social media to up their ed game. To help them out, I am going to do a weekly post about...

Who should I follow on Instagram?
Who should I follow on Twitter?
What podcasts should I listen to?
What blogs should I read?
What YouTube channels should i be watching?
Wild Card! This will be something amazing that doesn't fit into the above categories!!!

I have a ton of ideas but I would also love to hear and share the things you love!  If you have any suggestions, fill in this form. You do not have to fill out the whole form.  If you have a super great podcast I should be listening to, just fill out that piece!  

I'm doing this to force myself to get back to my passion.... sharing with teachers.  I hope you will join me!

Week 1 is Up! Click here to check it out!

Google Earth and Google Maps in the Classroom

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Help your students travel the world by using Google Maps and Google Earth in Your Middle School and Elementary School Classroom! #googleearth #googlemaps #taskcards #middleschool #elementarysocialstudies

Hello all!  I have been using Google Earth and Google Maps in my classroom for over three years now and it is a game changer!
Not only does Google earth act like a digital globe, students can use Google Maps and Google earth to enter 360° photo spheres to experience locations in all directions.  This is awesome to use with any location in social studies (i.e. Colosseum, Pyramids of Giza, Tigris and Euphrates, etc.) but also is wonderful to add another layer to novel studies.  You can have your students deep dive into the setting f a book by "traveling" there and experiencing what the characters might have seen!

It is easier to show you how to use it so check out this video!

If you want to see how it can work in your classroom go ahead and download this FREE Ancient Rome Google Earth Task Cards and Activities.

If you really like these activities, head on over and check out more activities like this in my store!

5 Tips for Teaching the Winter Games!!!!!!

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The closest thing to being there! Teach the Winter Games in your elementary and middle school classroom with 360° videos, Epic! Books, and more! #wintergames #wintersports #elementaryschool #middleschool

It is Olympic time!  I am a sucker for a special world wide event and the Olympics are no exception!  My daughter and I are already getting excited for figure skating and my boy and I. for some weird reason, love cheering on Canada in curling.  I have put together some fun activities that can be integrated into any classroom from kinders to middle schoolers.

#1 Collections on Epic! Books

I know I'm on the Epic! Books bandwagon but it really is an amazing tool!  I'm able to make collections of books and share them with teachers all over ny district.  It's like sharing a book bin for free and their collection is immense!    Click above and view texts on the Olympics and winter sports for kindergarten through middle school!

#2 Google Earth

I am a sucker for Google Maps and Google Earth.  I certainly would never be able to take my fabulous students all over the world, but I can give them a peek all over our planet!  Although we aren't able to take a google peek into the stadium at Pyeongchang, I've created a My Map that gives you 360° views insode the stadiums in Rio, Soschi, and more!!! Click on the picture above!

#3 360° Views of Sports

I would love to take all my kiddos on a luge ride but alas, I have never ecen been on one myself. Show your kids what winter sports are like but also give them a view into what it feels like to partake in these ports.  Click above to take a look at 360° videos of luge, skiing, bobsledding, and more!

#4 Science of the Olympics

Although athletes can look like magicians, there is science behind their performances. The national Science Foundation has cretaed a ton of videos on the science of sports with focuses on speed, velocity, friction and more.

#5 Green Screen

After the kiddos have read about the sports and researched them through video, it would be awesome to use an app like Green Screen by DoInk or software like Open Broadcaster Software to make green screen videos of them immersed in their sports. (Sorry, I don't have any winter sports green screen.... enjoy this beach theme!)
If you are looking for some prepared classroom activities, I have created one for the lower elementary grades and one for upper elementary and middle school.

The PyeongChang Winter Sports activity is great for kindergarten through second grade.  It comes with a five day presentation on the winter games, PyeongChang, figure skating, bobsledding, and skiing.  The presentation uses engaging pictures, 360° YouTube videos, and Google Earth to give students background knowledge.  Each day has a paper activity. Watch this video to take a good luck at the item.

If you teach older grades, I have created an activity that compares the ancient Olympics to the modern Olympics.  This would be great as a stand alone activity or one that integrates into your ancient Greece unit.  It includes two readings at 2 reading levels, I Have, Who Has? cards, Fake or Real? cards, interactive notebook foldable, and infographic project.

Have fun teaching the Olympics!!!!!!