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What's In My iPhone?

So my students have turned me on to these YouTube celebrities that talk about hair and makeup and the maddening idea of what is in their purses or what their room looks like.  I really do find it absolutely amazing that 4 million people would care what is in the purse of a YouTube celebrity... but I get it.  I have to admit that I absolutely loooove Nerdy Nummies with Rosanna Pansino and listen to her talk about nothing.
All of this gave me an idea, though.  Every day I leave school with about 20% juice left in my battery because I use my phone constantly... seriously, I abuse my phone.  The kids and I both know that my phone enables us to have the class they enjoy.  So, what's in my phone?
Photos - Photos are obvious.  I take pictures all the time for my blog and our schools website.  But how do I use it to truly engage learners?  I use it like a document camera.  In my school district they are fabulous and give each teacher a MacBook Pro.  Because of this, when I take a picture …

Come Create Some PD With Me!

My fearless #sstlap leader is taking a break tomorrow night so I'll be hosting. Join an amazing group of educators tomorrow night at 9 pm eastern to discuss how to stay piratey when the end of the year is near.
If you haven't tried a Twitter chat, this is a great one to wet your toes with.  It is the best hour of professional development every week and it has made me strive to be a better teacher. Join us for the fun!

Workshop anyone?

One of my favorite things is working with adults. I have been blessed with a fabulous sixteen year career with a ton of exposure to all types of classrooms. I am constantly told by educators that they would love to have 5 hours with me to just pick my brain. I have given workshops on technology both inside my own district and outside. I loooooove to share and get so jazzed when you guys contact me and let me know that something you borrowed from me worked in your classroom. What I would really like to do now, is to get into workshops. Right now I would only be able to travel in New England so if you are interested in engaging them all in your school, fill out the form below and I'll get back to you! Loading...

Beginning the Flip

It's been another great week in my neck of the woods. One of my favorite lessons was one I threw together in ten minutes. Don't you love when those work out? We had been text mapping an introduction to Ancient Greece and I wanted to bring everyone back together to discuss it. I had a plan but when I got to school early I decided to tune it up a bit. I played around on YouTube and found this guy:

Literally, he said everything I would have but he was muuuuuch more interesting that Mrs. Wilkins. T have the kids focus, I quickly created this activity.

I stopped the video half way through and had the kids turn to a classmate and discuss what was going to go in their backpack. They absolutely loved it and rocked this assignment. I walked out of that period all jazzed because it worked so well and I actually came up with it 20 minutes before the kids walked in the room!

I did the same sort of activity with my 8th graders to discuss the difference between the north and south.