I'll Never Buy Another Sharpener

Wednesday, February 5, 2014
So I thought I wrote this post forever ago but obviously I'm old and senile!  When I moved into my new classroom I was given a pencil sharpener that didn't work.  Worst off, the kids at my school hate using pens and have a steady diet of wood and graphite.  They can go through 8 pencils in a day...... easy.  I had seen everyone raving about the Quietest Sharpener in the World.
This thing is amazing!  It took a bit for my kids to learn how to work it because it is just different.  You actually pull out the front unit for better stabilization of the pencil so of course my kids would spend five minutes just shoving it into the hole and complaining that, "You broke it, Mrs. Wilkins".  I spent a good amount of time sharpening for them until they learned how to use it and by that time, other teachers on my team had bought their own, so the kids have mastered it now.
It is quiet... that is true.  The reason my kiddos and I love it, though, is how sharp the pencils are.

The picture is not great but you get the point..... ha.... point.  We joke around in my class, "That point is so sharp you could poke a man's eye out with it.... but we wouldn't because that would be assault." (We are middle school.... we have a sick and twisted humor and we are okay with it!)  Seriously, though, the point is so sharp, kids line up to sharpen already sharpened pencils.  They say that if they sharpen in my class they can last all day!
If you are interested, mosey on over to Classroom Friendly Supplies and check them out.  I got the red one and it makes it easier to find in the classroom.  i think I'm going to buy the mounting kit and make that a summer project.  I just saw they added a pink one so that might be an end of the year present for me!  Seriously......check them out!


  1. I love my pencil sharpener! My students had to go through a "training" when I first got it in the mail. Now, whenever we get a new student, they all want to train him/her.


  2. I love mine, but sometimes the pencils are too sharp and the lead breaks before the pencil is taken out of the sharpener. Constantly cleaning the sharpener can get old. I've tried to tell my students you can "feel" when it is sharp and stop. A few are finally getting it. I won't go back to any other sharpener.

    Miss A's Planning

  3. I could not find another place to post this. You are an example of the teacher I desire to be! I have been teaching for six years now, Reading and Language Arts. I love your lessons, and your passion is so inspiring! Thank you for being willing to step outside of the box and share your ideas.

    1. You words are too kind. After 16 years of teaching my favorite thing is to share. I love hearing that someone found something I did to be useful in their own class. Thanks for letting me know I'm doing an o.k. job!