February Currently... on the first!

Saturday, February 1, 2014
This is the first time I've done the Currently on the first!  Holy cow!!
So obviously, I'm currently bingeing on the telly and it's okay.  By the way.... I love snow and cuddling and I absolutely loathe grading!!!!  For reals!  Head on over to Farley and see what she is up to!


  1. American Horror Story is the best! I'm so behind with it though...I get so busy that I forget to watch it and have to Netflix the show. Loved last season, I'm hoping this season is just as good. I love visiting the snow, but I just don't know how you all do it during the winter time. I'm definitely a warm weather gal.

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  2. I love the snow too! But only for a couple days at a time!

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  3. I CANNOT WAIT for "House of Cards" on the 14th! BEST Valentine's Day EVER! As far as snow days go, unfortunately I think there's a good chance our school will get more this week. No end in sight!