Thursday, January 24, 2013

Presidential Smartphone

Originally posted 11/18/2012 on Weebly

So I was all excited to culminate my project in a really creative way that engage students and synthesizd the information. After spending days rolling it around in my head and creating it, I was all ready to launch it in the class until I noticed something. They were learning... like really learning .... and they were really engaged. They were playing iCivics and they understood fundraising and the Electoral College... Like better than any adult American I've met in a long time. After talking to some of my fabulous and colleagues and my my lifelong PLC (my hubby). I decided to get rid of the project because time was limited and I would rather not rush and give the extra time to game play.... Yeah! Game Play!!!
I'm going to use the template later(maybe with George Washington or Alexander Hamilton) but I still thought I would share it. The idea was that the students were to synthesize their knowledge of various aspects of the election process and various vocabulary terms by creating and explaining the contents of a Presidential candidate's smartphone. 

They had to include three text messaging conversations.


They had to enter five events/reminders into the candidate's iCalendar.


They had to tell me five apps a candidate woul have on their phone and why? They could use existing apps as long as they told me why it would be useful to a candidate. They had to create one app on their own, from scratch.


For extension, they had to tell me five songs the candidate would have on their playlist and explain their significance.



To do all this the kids would use their Google Docs accounts and add text boxes over my existing templates.
I'm sorry I wasn't able to implement this at the time but I do think I made the right choice. I can't wait till I can use it! Here is the link to the Google presentation the kids would use as a template. Give me a shout out if you use it!

Or check it out here, for FREE, on Teachers Pay Teachers!!!

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