4 Technology Tools to Help Struggling Learners

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

4 Amazing Technology Tools To Help Struggling Learners #englishlanguagelearners #executivefunctioning #reading #writing #middleschool #highschool #elementary #activities

Hello all! I have two days left of work and they couldn't come fast enough. Although this was a great year, it was also a fabulous year.

In my job as a technology coach, I tend to pick a passion project and research the heck out of it. Last year I spent a ton of time researching virtual field trips and created a list of 250 possible field trips. This year, I'm working on organizing tools to help students with reading difficulties, writing struggles, weak executive functioning, and English Language Learners. Although I am compiling a big list of web sites, extensions, add ons, and apps, I'm going to tell you my favorite tool in each category!


Text Compactor is a super easy summarization tool.  You, or a student, can copy and paste text into the Step 1 box and move the slider in Step 2.  The slider determines the percentage of text that will be left in the summary.  You would then copy and paste the summarized information into a document!  this is great for students who are researching a topic online!


Google Voice Typing is amazing.  It is in Google Docs and allows students to dictate their thinking.  My so struggles with writing and he is a master at Google Voice Typing.  He speaks stream of consciousness and then has gotten super good at going back and editing!  As a plus, the voice typing also helps him work on speaking clearly and concisely.

Executive Functioning

Google Keep is another favorite tool of my son and I.  In Google Keep and can have "cards" for homework assignments, add to do lists, complete research than can be accessed through Docs, add pictures and colors, and organize by tags. When my son has a ton of big projects due, we create a To Do list in Keep and he share sit with me so we can both monitor progress!

English Language Learners

Read aloud does just that... reads content from the internet aloud!  It is a Chrome Extension and super easy to use!

I'm working on a database right now and so far I have 30 tools but I will definitely be adding more! Check out the database below and feel free to leave me a comment with your favorite accessibility tools!

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