Thankful for Vocabulary

Wednesday, November 25, 2015
Support all students and scaffold for English Language Learners with this free American History and Ancient History Vocabulary Activities. They are based on the Seven Steps of Vocabulary Acquisition. #ell #vocabulary #americanhistory #ancienthistory #socialstudies #middleschool
Hello all and Happy Thanksgiving! As a show of thanks to all my readers and customers I am sharing:)  Last year I wrote this post about teaching vocabulary to my ELL students. Now I'm sharing all my lessons for both ancient and American history.  Here is an example:

I've also included a link to the Quizlet I created to go with the vocabulary.  In Quizlet you can make differentiated quizzes for assessment by choosing the "test" option.  You will need access to Google Drive to access these.  Enjoy!

Ancient History

Early Man Vocab - Quizlet

Mesopotamia Vocab 1 - Quizlet
Mesopotamia Vocab 2 - Quizlet
Mesopotamia Vocab 3 - Quizlet

Egypt Vocab 1 - Quizlet
Egypt Vocab 2 - Quizlet

Greek Vocab 1 - Quizlet
Greek Vocab 2 - Quizlet

Rome Vocab 1 - Quizlet
Rome Vocab 2 - Quizlet

American History

Steps to the Revolution 1 - Quizlet
Steps to the Revolution 2 - Quizlet
Steps to the Revolution Vocab  3- Quizlet

Government Vocab 1- Quizlet
Government Vocab 2 - Quizlet
Government Vocab 3 - Quizlet

Manifest Destiny Vocab - Quizlet

Industrial Revolution Vocab - Quizlet
The South Vocab - Quizlet


  1. do you have a lesson plan for this on TpT? WHen do you do these lessons?

    1. Hello! I don't have a lesson plan. We have a page in our interactive notebooks for unit vocabulary. At the start of class, we go through the seven steps of vocab and do one word a day!

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