Hands on Industrial Museum: Part 2

Thursday, July 2, 2015
Have your Students create interactive Industrial Revolution museum exhibits in your middle school social studies class. #middleschool #industrialrevolution #activities #socialstudies

Our first annual Industrial Revolution Museum was an AMAZING success. If you haven't read about it and checked out the plans click here and catch up!

We cleared out the room and organized it to look like a convention center or a museum.  The fifth and sixth grade came in waves and engaged with the "installations" by completing a scavenger hunt that my students had created for them.  The best thing that I happened, that I really hadn't planned for, was the amazing sense of pride my 8th graders felt about sharing their knowledge.  They became amazing experts and really wanted to share their expertise with their visitors.  Although, I have to tweak it for next year (the creation of the project was sooooooo long) I will definitely do it again!

The best part, though, about studying the industrial Revolution, is that we live smack dab in the middle of its history.  Shortly after our museum, my kiddos and I got to spend the day weaving away at the Lowell Mills.


My favorite thing about this whole unit is how the children were able to submerse themselves into a topic that is sometimes hard to personalize.  Yeah for hands on learning!!!

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  1. I am a future Social Studies teacher and I absolutely love this idea. Although I do not think they are going to let me take on something quiet this big during my upcoming student teaching, I would love to this this one day. I love the idea that the students are learning and becoming experts on their topic. When students feel that sense of pride in their work and want to show it off is always amazing. I look forward to scrolling through your blog so more! The projects and ideas that I have seen just scrolling through today have my mind wondering everything I want to incorporate myself.