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I'm linking up with the amazing Farley....check that girl out!!!


  1. Have fun cuddling with your little ones! You are so lucky to have a longer break but hope you're safe. Yikes!
    Learning With Mrs. Leeby

  2. Grading!!??! Ugh! You just reminded me that I have some of that too! I am so busy focusing on all the other stuff. Thanks for the reminder. Jammies & cuddling sounds so much better. Enjoy!

  3. Hope you had fun cuddling and enjoy your extra days. Get this-we aren't going into school next week on time because of the extremely cold weather. No snow, no sleet. Just cold. So school has been delayed 2 hours for Mon, Tues, and Wed. Gotta love the south!! :)


    1. Cold days for next week? Too funny! We got ten inches of snow and now the temps are in the negative numbers. We have a tobaggan run all ready to use if we could stay outside for more then seven minutes!!!


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