Gearing up!!!

Saturday, August 17, 2013
Tomorrow is my last day of vacation.  I'm a little sad but also a lot excited about starting this new chapter of my career.  The fam and I just got back from a wonderful week in the White Mountains.
Do you like how our poor two year old is nothing but a black bar?  Maybe next year I will finally get the Christmas card pic I have always envisioned.  We almost made it this year!  We had a fabulous time at StoryLand and Santa's Village.

We're all a little excited to get back to school, though. The boy is starting first grade and beyond excited, the hub has math floating in his brain and the girl.... Well, she's two.  She doesn't know what she wants.  I actually just saw her double check to see if she had pants on.
My new school asked me to come in last week to help hire a new math teacher.  I jumped at the opportunity to help my new community and see my new classroom.  I had a great time meeting members of my new team and am blown away by my new classroom.

It is huge!!! I just left a really big classroom and this is TWICE the size!  It also has tons of storage!

 I'm going to go to Home Depot and get some panel board to cover up the old blackboard.  I'm going to screw it to the wooden frame so it can be removed easily if I ever have to move rooms.  I'm going to iParty tomorrow to pick up some table cloths to create bulletin boards on the back walls. Of course, the elephant in the room is that.... OMG!  It has stadium seating and I like to put my midgets in groups day one.  I already have some ideas but would love to hear advice from others.  
On Monday, I start new teacher academy for half days and then next week we officially begin.   So happy  to have the time because between trying to make my  new room at least a little inhabitable (it's going to have to be a work in process) , creating interactive notebook activities for my first two units and making play doh for 120 kids (if you don't know why, you are going to have to read Teach Like A Pirate by Dave Burgess @burgessdave) I think  I'm going to be a bit busy:)
Again, if you can suggest any tips and tricks for teaching in stadium seating, I would love to hear them!

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