Every Four Years Teaching Government Gets That Much Cooler

Thursday, January 24, 2013
Originally posted 10/5/2012

So I know this is sad but I really don't use my whiteboard. I have a SmartBoard on the other side of the classroom and that is my main area for direct instruction. I use my board for a daily agenda and a "Do Now" but other than that its lost real estate. I usually do a big board outside of my classroom for midterm elections and Presidential races but I decided to move it inside so we can naturally use it on a daily basis. Please excuse the tilting of some of the signs... I put them up with masking tape on a hot day and its never gotten better.

The wall contains the candidates, a snapshot biography of Romney and Obama(Obama's favorite show: Sports Center; Romney''s favorite show: American Idol.... Enough said;) ) that includes jobs, favorite books, heroes, etc. I then did screen shots from the online Junior Scholastic of their stance on issues such as the economy and Afghanistan. I enlarged these snippets so they could be read across the room. Daily, I use my fabulous cheap whiteboards to update the Gallup poll results. So far this board has led to a fair amount of honest and natural conversation on the undecided voter (How come it doesn't add up to 100%?) and the platform differences.

I can't wait to launch my Presidential Election unit that will include a load of Brainpop and iCivics activities and maybe some picture dictionaries on Google Docs. I'm also organizing and managing my school's participation in the National Mock Election. I already ordered my "I voted" stickers and my patriotic bunting. Best part of the Mock Election this year? It's digital.... No hand counting for me! Stay tuned for more:)

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