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Thursday, January 24, 2013
Originally posted 11/7/2012 on Weebly

So I had wanted to do a post on my classroom success with textmapping (thank you gods of Pinterest!) but before that happened I was contacted by Brainpop! I was one of the early teachers to use their Mixer quiz maker and they wanted to mention me in their blog. Being ever the overachiever I responded, "Of course... But let me be a total geek and explain how it was used as a culminating activity and while I'm at it let me tell you how I aligned the lesson to the Common Core Standards."
Well, much like I was surprised when hubby wanted a second date, Brainpop emailed back and asked me to detail the whole kit and caboodle as a Guest Blogger. Guest Pinner, Guest Blogger.... I am the dorkiest Guest at the party. The last post is what is going to be going live on the Brainop Educators blog on Wednesday. 

When it comes to textmapping, my kiddos loooooooved it! The really enjoyed being able to box and circle in color and my students with organizational and reading difficulties really enjoyed the sense of success as they accomplished the pre reading activities. Click here!

I incorporated the old multiple choice worksheet from the reading (although I do think the multiple choice questions were a little thought provoking). Students not only had to answer the questions but they had to highlight the information in the text to support their answer. I've never had better grades on that activity. Thank you CCSS:)
I will definitely be doing the textmapping again (I think to launch my intro lesson for the Stock Market Game).


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