Mission U.S....We're In Love!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014
I finally had a chance to find the time to use Mission U.S. in my class and I was not disappointed. I had been looking at it since last year and knew that it would be perfect as my slavery unit. I teach semi thematically so I launch a huge The Worlds of the North and South unit and then do smaller mini units on the Industrial Revolution and slavery. I wanted to see if the Mission 2: Flight to Freedom could serve as my entire lesson. The answer is absolutely and I barely scratched the surface.
Under the "Educators" tab there is a slew of before, during, and after activities that are just beyond amazing. I was super impressed by the amount of primary source activities they offered! Even if you don't have the technology or opportunity to play the game, this section is a "must go to" for anyone trying to add more primary sources into their curriculum.
I decided to do this just days before the math and science MCAs so I decided to just have the children go through the simulation with a little time spent on background knowledge. I did wonder if the kids would like it as much as a true game, because the simulation is reading intensive. OMG...... My kiddos loooooooooooved it!
I could hear a pin drop in the classroom as these kids tried to help Lucy escape to freedom. The only time they did talk was to either yell at the characters and let everyone know they had been beaten and sold down river!
One of my kiddos who has a wonderful mind and immense attention issues cam in the second day and told me he was all done. Because the game has different levels you need to unlock, I assumed he had finished a level and didn't realize he needed to go on. Nope! He went home and played the game till he was done! During that second class he became an expert and gave his friends hints and tips and he also started Mission 3: A Cheyenne Odyssey.
The kids begged to play the other games, but sadly I could not hog the cluster computers anymore:(. I'm already working on how to incorporate both Mission 1 and Mission 2 into my class next year with a lot more pre and post activities.
Mission US gets an absolute two thumbs up from me! Have you used it in your class? Do you have any ticks or tips?


  1. Did you create a log in for each kid or just use one for the entire class?

    1. The kids were able to sign up themselves. They don't require an email so I just asked them to pick a username and password they would remember. Hope this helps!!!!!!